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danny_deirdreDanny the Vet on Radio Kerry with Deirdre Walsh presenter of the popular radio show Talkabout kerry logo



Title:Danny the Vet on Radio Kerry with Deirdre Walsh



Title:Danny the Vet on Radio Kerry with Deirdre Walsh



Title:Choosing a pet


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  1. Danny Post author

    SMS ID #250411 sent on 19/04/2016 at 14:04:38 from +353876125656
    Deirdre please ask the Vet why would my cat be scratching her ear all the time ? thanks.

  2. Danny Post author

    In the wild dogs naturally shed twice a year but with domestication and high indoor temperatures they can go into a permanent shed cycle. Frequent grooming and products containing essential fatty acids such as topcoat or viacutan will greatly reduce the problem

  3. Danny Post author

    My dog is shedding hair all year round what can I do Lab plus Danny give me advice Jack from Asdee

  4. Danny Post author

    Hi Anne with the dog with cancer of the stomach the prognosis depends on the type size and location of the cancer . All cancers have different outcomes and the best way to get an accurate prognosis is with a biopsy ,
    With your second dog this seems to be a case of separation anxiety which generally responds well to a combination of pheromone and behavioural therapy

  5. Anne o regan

    Hi Danny I hav 3 King Charles one of them was diagnosed with cancer in the stomach would u know roughly how long they survive he was diagnosed in sept he’s 10 years old and I also hav a ruby 9 mths old she’s doin great wen I’m home with them but wen there’s no one here she’s does destruction how can I stop this I know she only a pup but getting very annoying she’s stredding everything

  6. Danny Post author


  7. Danny Post author

    listeners question 13/05/2015 We have a 10 year old retriever and cavalier but at night the retriever refuses to go into his bed and runs down the road when we try again he runs off but once we go to bed he comes back and spends the night barking and howling we try again to put him to bed but he runs off again any idea whats wrong with him please

  8. Danny Post author

    While garlic in minute amounts may have some beneficial effects it can be toxic to dogs and cats like onions chives and leek it can be very dangerous for dogs and even more so for cats it can cause a very severe even fatal anemia or stomach upsets including vomiting and diarrhoea

  9. Danny Post author

    Put on his lead and let him walk around with it play some games but dont hold onto the lead make it a fun association initially
    Then get a friend to put down nice food or a treat at the other end of the room and hold onto the lead and follow the pup so hes leading you
    If you imagine yourself being pulled along with a noose around your neck how would you feel?
    Make it a pleasant positive association.

  10. Danny Post author

    Abbeyfeale Caller
    Pup wont walk on lead what do I do

  11. Danny Post author

    Hi linda you can use a product like topcoat daily in the food to reduce shedding and brush the coat frequently hope that helps

  12. Linda O Donoghue

    Hi we have a 2 year old female jack Russell who doesn’t stop shedding her hair can you reccomend anything thanks Linda in Killarney

  13. Danny Post author

    That sounds like a luxating patella (kneecap slipping) or other stifle damage get him seen by a vet soon as the longer it Goes on the more damage to the joint he is doing best to bring him fasting to the vet so he can do X-rays at the visit .hope that helps

  14. Mary

    My jack Russell 4 years old keeps liftin her left back leg nd all I can here is a cracking sound in her joint??? What could this be??? Mary killarney

  15. Danny Post author

    check out the fact sheet fleas and your pet as flea allergy is common if your pet is still itching get a vet to check it out this will often advise skin scrapes and other tests as the causes of itching are multiple with different management pets do not grow out of allergies like humans often they get worse with age so early diagnosis is best

  16. Danny Post author

    best to get her checked by a vet it may be ringworm which is transmissible to humans especially children . It can also occur with some hormonal conditions

  17. Danny Post author

    My little black cat has hair loss on her eye brows I give her worm doses and flea drops what could it be thanks Noreen

  18. Danny Post author

    dogs are best on solid food its better for cleaning their teeth if they are showing a preference for soft food it may indicate gum disease and you should get the vet or vet nurse to check for you many dogs over 5 years old will have some dental disease and will benefit from treatment also there is now a brilliant preparation that you add to the drinking water to prevent tartar build up

  19. Danny Post author

    Radio Kerry Listeners questions 10February
    I have a Jack Russel dog about 8 years old I feed him Orlando crunchy nuts and a dentastick at night .I wonder is the food too hard for hergums should i give her some soft food.

  20. Danny Post author

    Broadline is a new spot on treatment that treats fleas ticks and worms without the need to give tablets it can cause temporary salivation and some other minor side effects if licked but these wear off quickly it is best to place it on the back of the neck where it cant be licked off and separate treated cats until it dries in if they lick each other .Hope this answers your question

  21. mary o neill

    Deirdre could you ask the vet if a cat licked himself after being treated with broadline spot on solution will it harm him

  22. Danny Post author

    Hi Sheila this sounds like a skin condition called atopy it quiet commonly effects the ears and often the underside and sometimes between the toes It is caused by an allergy to environmental allergens such as dust mites pollen or plants several treatments are available but ideally get your vet to check him out to investigate the cause and to prescribe the most appropriate management as this is a life long condition special shampoos are a great help sometimes food intolerance can be part of the problem, Hope this helps

  23. Sheila Mahoney

    Hi there I just have a question regarding my dog , he’s had an itch for the past few weeks which he had for the last few years before subsiding after a visit to a vet who gave us some sheep shampoo and treated his ears.
    It’s like an itch of his skin. He shakes his head cause of it and constantly itches the inside of his ears which become red and irritated. He also bites parts of his coat but it isn’t bad there, mostly in the ears. There’s also a bit of an Odour coming from his ears.

  24. Danny Post author

    Hi Anne this type of behaviour may be attention seeking try ignoring it and also ignore your dog for 10 minutes after see if it stops if not you can use an anti-bark collar or better still do both

  25. admin Post author

    This is usually caused by anal gland impaction the anal glands need to be emptied at your vets .I ncreasing roughage in the diet and exercise helps prevent this

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