Radio Kerry Vet Questions

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danny_deirdreDanny the Vet on Radio Kerry with Deirdre Walsh presenter of the popular radio show Talkabout kerry logo



Title:Danny the Vet on Radio Kerry with Deirdre Walsh



Title:Danny the Vet on Radio Kerry with Deirdre Walsh



Title:Choosing a pet


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  1. Danny Post author

    Yes all cats should be wormed every 3 months however this is unlikely to be the cause of persistent voracious appetite it may be a hormonal condition such as hyperthyroidism or diabetes or maybe a malabsorbtion problem or inadequate diet try worming + a complete diet and if not improving a vet visit may be required Make sure to fast them before as they may need blood tests

  2. Danny Post author

    caller has 2 very hungry cats never seem to have enough food she feeds them with whiskers and nuts – they are around 8 years old. Could they have worms?

  3. Danny Post author

    Try hills ID food for a few days or chicken and rice for a few days if vomiting persists get him checked out

  4. Danny Post author

    lady has a 2 year old boxer advised to feed him with Prata food but he vomits after eating

  5. Danny Post author

    You can get a dropper that you put on its neck which covers all worms as well as fleas and ticks

  6. Danny Post author

    Lady has problems trying to put on a Dewormer on a 10 year old cat she thinks it might be the smell for the product – she has tried giving the cat treats but nothing works – what could Danny advise her to do

  7. Danny Post author

    Quustions for Danny
    Lady in Killarney has a Lullen Setter the dog has irritable bowl syndrome and is on a Royal Canine Diet. She would like to be able to give him treats and would like to know what Danny would recommend?

  8. Danny Post author

    The best idea is to bring her in to get weighed the nurses can give you a target weight for her and tell you exactly how much to feed her of a special food that gets her to lose weight without being hungry all the time

  9. Danny Post author

    SMS ID #250405 sent on 19/04/2016 at 13:53:09 from +353892527202
    Danny OUR JACK RUSSEL is over weight??.. Any left over veg. She eats them wit her dry food. U must MIx some gravy to get her to EAT the Veg. We walk her every. She was Neutered 4 YRS AGO. Is that why shes heavy & can get hungry!? We only feed her once a day. ?? Can You HELP. KILLARNEY LADY. TANKS.

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